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Holistic Therapy




I am a Holistic Trauma-informed Life Coach ,

 Certified Practitioner  and Certified Mentor

in Dr Gabors Mate Psychotherapeutic 

 Compassionate Inquiry 
I integrate a variety of approaches that focus on body, mind, and spirit to support and guide people on their journey .

Welcome to my world of Metamorfosis. 




How to break through your cocoon and unleash the Miraculous Butterfly within? 


  • Connect to your inner power to express your potential

  • Free yourself  from subconscious patterns to follow your life purpose 

  • Disconfirm limiting beliefs that keep you stuck to do what you really want 

  • Consciously reparent your inner child to be whole and joyful again 

  • Discover what is present beyond your personality structure to experience the essence of life 


Why do we want to change?


Is there something wrong with us?

You know that nothing is wrong with you, you already are the best version of yourself, and integrating that with every step you take is the most important focus of the conscious journey.

From the point of acceptance and self-love - you can create what is REALLY  YOU- not what your conditioning is forcing you to believe.

I welcome anyone who wants to find out Who they really are and what they want, and what the most aligned path to that is.

I want to promote YOU as YOU outside of societal “Norms” and “Boxes”. Often we follow other people's dreams, and societal norms and adhere to social media expectations – it's easy to get lost in that.

My two programs are based on authenticity, and heightening self-awareness which I believe is the most important skill that we need and that unfortunately is so lacking in today's world. The processes are designed to bring to your awareness many important aspects of your mental, emotional, and spiritual being. So your life will become richer, deeper, empowered with more joy and appetite for life.

I welcome people that are dedicated to their process and transformation.

Find out what Metamorfosis can bring to your life by booking free online consultation.

Why Metamorfosis?

Metamorphosis is the essence of being, everything always transforms, always moving morphing presence, the change is a predominant part of our reality and our experience of it to the point that it's hard to find something still or something to hold on to like a reference point that would always be still.  That's the only thing that can be guaranteed – change – that what we are, we are no longer.

We are never the same person we were yesterday. Every moment is becoming something else. One day you have an idea this is me, but that idea changes every minute you become something different.

Metamorfosis also is associated with butterflies as they undergo a profound change from a chrysalis to a full-blown butterfly and that is what conscious coaching will support you with, to release the cocoon of self-defeating stories and achieve a healthy relationship between all your essential parts – mind, body, spirit-, in your own time and pace to spiritually mature into a free-flying beautiful creature.

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See what Metamorfosis can bring to your life

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