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I understand healing as a constantly evolving compassionate and explorative relationship with 3  main aspects of being a human - Mind-Body-Spirit.

I have an honor to support people on their journey of self-healing to Integrated, Embodied, Authentic, and Empowered living.

I have trained extensively in the holistic healing arts and personal development for over 2 decades.

In my own journey of healing, I not only studied but also experienced and practiced many modalities. 

The diversity of my studies spans from NLP Hypnosis to Sacred Plant Medicine. Non-Dual Psychotherapy and the list continues. 

I am also a Yoga and Somatic Meditation teacher.

My studies and passion for finding how our unconscious beliefs and the separation from our authentic selves are expressed in our mental and physical imbalances led me to study Dr. Gabor Mate’s Professional Training in Compassionate Inquiry -CI- (2020)

I also finished CI Mentorship Program, and CI circles and now is working as an assistant teacher in the CI Internship Program. I am a certified Mentor in that Method as well as a Practitioner .

At the moment, I am also a student of Zen Coaching Training in Sweden.


  • MA Education(Pedagogy  ) Warsaw University /Poland

  • Compassionate Inquiry Certified Practitioner

  • Compassionate Inquiry Certified Mentor

  • Circle Leader and Assistant Teacher

  • Dr Gabor Mate's Psychotherapeutic Approach 

  • NLP Certified Coach and Hypnotherapist /UK

  • Kundalini and Restorative Yoga Teacher / USA/India

  • NVC- Non-Violent Communication / Poland, UK 

  • Awakening Woman/Institute For Woman Coaching/ USA 

  • Awaking Through Adversity – Etkhar Tolle

  • The Journey Method -Brandon Bays/USA

  • Osho Life Training / Osho Dynamic Mediations/ UK

  • Bioenergetics /Work of Alexander Lowen / Poland, UK

  • Healing Bonding Trauma / Sweden

  • Clinical Supervision Training / USA

  • Mediator /Polish Mediating Center

  • Psychodrama/ Mexico- Europe 

  • Rewire your brain. Understanding the Mind

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza  Orlando, FL

  • Zen Coaching  Training in progress/ Sweden

More Important Workshops and Courses

Art Therapy Certification

Biodanza / Dance Therapy Level 1 /Mexico City 

Rompiendo Paradigmas/ Breaking Paradigms/ Panama- online 

Family Constellation Workshops /USA/Sweden/Spain

Landmark Forum Course/ UK 

Psychodrama / Mexico, UK, France, Germany

Creative Writing /FL,USA 

Being Yourself/Non Dual Approach/ Netherlands/

Rewire your brain. Understanding the Mind Dr Joe Dispenza

(Intensive Workshop andProgressive Workshop) Orlando, FL

"Happiness is a choice", "Extraordinary Woman" /MA ,USA

Non –Violent Communication Workshops, Poland/UK

Sat Nam Rasayan / Kundalini Immersion/ USA

Awakening thru adversity – Etkhar Tolle 

Activated Woman – Sofia Sundari

Extra Ordinary Growth Academy- UK

Dream Birth – Imagery School NY

Out of the blue/ Freedom form depression /USA

From Codependent to Independent course/ USA

Somatic experiencing “ Step by Step”/ Peter Levine USA



I also did a Plant Medicine Program in Venezuela,

Temazcals (Spiritual Sweat Loadges) in Mexico

Advaita Vedanta Immersion in Tiruvanamalai (India), Vipassana Mediation (USA,UK,Sweden,Poland)

and Shamanic Mesas in Bolivia.

Did 7 months livein Option Process experience /The Option Institute /MA, USA

Lived and worked in Conscious Communities and Self Development Centers

in Spain, UK, Sweden, Mexico and USA.

Participated in Tantra, Conscious Sexuality and

Consent workshops and festivals ( Spain, Sweden, UK)


Dagmara is a caring, compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable coach that has been there for me for years, and through many struggles, she can always find a way to bring me back to connect with myself and my truth. I am grateful for her presence in my life and I recommend her to all my friends and family, for she can create a healing space to find one's true self.

Before I started sessions with Dagmara I believed that there is something wrong with the way I viewed my relationship with myself and others. I struggled a lot with depression and loneliness, and I couldn't see the way out. During the process, I learned to be with all aspects of myself and, most valuable, to be okay with feeling "negative" emotions. I do not struggle against them, which brought a lot of compassion and freedom to be fully me without self-judgment attached to it. The ability to be with all that comes my way empowers me from the inside out.

Adrian M.

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